Friday, October 2, 2009

Shit I liked this week

Beatles Rock Band
  • After an evening of drinking there is no better party trick than Rock Band. Beatles Rock Band is awesome cause there's lots of songs and you've heard them all....get drunk and play it....and dont be afraid to sing!!!
Cap and Jacket weather
  • Love this weather. Perfect for a long sleeve shirt, light jacket and cap...which I like wearing. Makes me look like a shepherd.
Beginning of October
  • Best month of the year. My birthday! Thanksgiving, Halloween which is by far the years best party, and the previously mentioned weather. Enjoy it before the snow comes
I'm Alan Partridge
  • a British series that completed two 6 episode seasons in 1997 and then 2002. Starring Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge this series is the real originator of British discomfort humour, later perfected by The Office (British of course, American one is crap). WATCH ALAN PARTRIDGE!
Thing I hated this week:

  • Shitty movie starring Ben Foster and old man Dennis Quaid. Had some really nice ideas. Space horror based on a ship that holds all of the remaining human population, 60,000 peoples. Now Ben Foster wakes up, has no memory and shit is going down. Gross man eating creatures and a failing ship are two of the.....well they're the only things he needs to deal with. So yeah, basically, really nice ideas, terrible movie. I like Ben Foster but his movies are mostly garbage....make better movies Ben Foster. I could make this into a good 6 hour mini-series. but it's a shit 90 minute movie with terrible editing and the most obvious "surprise endings" I've ever seen.